Friday, April 24, 2009

It's Official (or Not) ~ Today is Etsy Day!

Today is officially, unofficially a day to celebrate all that is Etsy. What is Etsy? It’s the best place on earth to find all things handmade. Art, woodworking, jewelry, ceramics… you name it, they have it for sale. Over two million people use Etsy everyday! Etsy has grown exponentially in the last few years as online shopping and the handmade movement have become more and more popular.

I started on etsy as a happy buyer of handmade soap, fragrance and objets d'art. So it was the obvious place for me to open an online shop called threepeats Jewelry when I started selling my necklaces and earrings!

So how does Etsy work? Artists open their own shops with their own shop names. Shops can carry all handmade items, vintage items, craft supplies, or a mixture of all three. The individual artist runs his or her own shop. When you buy an item, you are paying the artist directly. It’s like a big craft show that you can go to anytime!

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