Monday, April 27, 2009

ETT Shop of the Week ~ Tamara Garvey

Tamara Garvey, of Tamara Garvey Illustration, is an illustrator who is inspired "by walks through her hometown of Savannah, Ga., magazines, other artists/crafters on Etsy, the colors in a stranger's outfit, tattoos, cute dogs at the dog park...anything really!” She draws "fun, whimsical, pen-and-ink scenes, usually involving at least one animal and/or tree, as these are my favorite things to study and draw! I sell them as prints in different sizes, including ACEOs, as well as note card sets."

Tamara has a degree in Illustration from Savannah College of Art and Design and a B.S. in Biology from Mary Washington College. When asked about her Twittering: “It took me a while to get used to Twitter, but now I am really into it! I try hard to maintain a mix of promotional (self or other) tweets with replies or random thoughts, to keep a personal touch to things. I love keeping in touch with my Etsy team members, seeing what they're creating, and what's new with them. I have made some great connections with other artists and crafters. One girl in particular, a freelance illustrator, has pretty much become my mentor as I develop my own illustration career! I think it is amazing that a new site can have such an effect.”

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  1. Suzanne, thank you thank you for the nice write-up! I really appreciate your mentioning me on your super-cute blog. :)