Tuesday, March 22, 2011

AbbyChaseDesigns - New ETT SOTW - Making Life a Little Easier

Mandy Graham of AbbyChaseDesigns has created the products in her etsy shop to fill a niche that large corporations and manufactures ignore. Mandy recognizes that it's the "little things in life that make being a mother and child a little bit easier. Most of my creations come from a need in my own life".
These useful creations include:
* an "incognito" wallet to carry tampons discreetly
* covers that snap over seat belts to prevent chafing (in both adult and children's sizes!)
* e-books to help you create your own camera/diaper bag, pincushions, a children's game, and more!
Mandy says that "Running a creative business is (her) outlet and it's what keeps (her) sane with five kids," while living in rural Idaho "forces (her) to be creative and organized, but it also allows for the quiet time that (she) needs to create."

Just for this week,
AbbyChaseDesigns is offering
20% off
Use code SOTW20

You can learn more about Mandy and her work by following her on Twitter and Facebook and by reading her blog.

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