Tuesday, January 18, 2011

ecoChic Handknits from KnittingGuru - New ETT SOTW

The new ETT SOTW is fellow NYC-ite KnittingGuru. KnittingGuru products are designed for people who love to wear flattering, unique designs made from fine quality fibers. Her "eco-Chic" creations are all original designs that are meticulously crafted and made to fit and flatter.

KnittingGuru is often inspired by NYC. "I spend hours in the wonderful bead stores, fabric and supply stores that abound here in the garment district. I love to walk, so I'm exposed to the amazing styles both in stores and on people in the street. New York is always changing, so there’s an ongoing fashion show all the time. Wandering through Central Park yields many design ideas. The opera, ballet, concert halls and theater are all inspirations too."

A Special Discount from KnittingGuru to YOU:
"I’m so delighted to be Shop of the Week on EtsyTwitter where I’ve been a member for quite awhile.
I’d be happy to offer 20% off anything in my shop for this week.
To get your discount, write to me at Etsy (convo) first giving the code ETTSOTW and what you want and I'll post a revised listing(s) for you reflecting your discount. I hope you find things you like!"

You must check out the Valentine's Day section of the shop and while you're there, admire KnittingGuru's lovely item photos that feature showbiz greats from the past (like Fred Astaire). You can also follow her on Twitter and Facebook, read her blog and visit her website.

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