Tuesday, December 28, 2010

What Do Grown-Ups Do On a Snow Day?

If they have an etsy shop, they use the unexpected time to take photos. I have several new necklaces that I need to list and that involves taking photos. Over the years, I have tried many different backgrounds for my jewelry. I am happy with the natural stone background I have been using for a while. It has a minimalist, unfussy look that I feel compliments my jewelry designs and because it is the stone in which the railing on my small apartment balcony is embedded, it is easy for me to shoot in natural light...which definitely gives the truest colors to photos.
But my balcony now has snowdrifts 4 feet high and it will be days before I can get out there again. So, I thought I'd fool around with white backgrounds on my snow day off. I photographed two new necklaces on large pieces of white art paper on a sunny window ledge inside my apartment.

I have noticed that many etsy sellers use white backgrounds to advantage and it seems as if items on a white background are often chosen for treasuries. I must say, I'm not very happy with the results. I understand now why there are so many articles on blogs and websites about building light boxes and enhancing your photos. Even though the two necklaces were shot on the same day (5 minutes apart), the light is different in both....one too gray...one too blue and the colors of the beads are not right. I know what I have to day with the rest of my day... sweep the snow off my balcony. Maybe if I have another snow day this winter, I'll fool around with building one of those light boxes!

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