Saturday, December 18, 2010

Change in the Morning Routine

All this technology and social networking has changed my morning routine. Walk the dog, put up a pot (actually french press) of coffee, feed the dog, sit at computer where I check to see if there are any FB birthdays that I have to acknowledge, check the google analytics (lots of visits and views overnight? how's my bounce rate?) for my etsy shop, delete at least half of my new emails without even reading them, delete another quarter after reading them, check my blogs to see if there are any comments awaiting my approval, click once at all the charitable sites that tell me my click is important and translates into money for their good causes and search for an interesting quote which will be my first tweet of the day. Actual tweeting comes later....after coffee and breakfast. Make sure the phone is charged...and the laptop...and the camera...and the other phone. Respond to etsy convos. Eat breakfast with first cup of coffee in front of the TV while watching local news station.

How ever did I fill my mornings before computers and the internet existed?


  1. Ha! Sounds like my mornings! Except no dog, and THREE cups of coffee.

  2. See Felicia, I followed my morning routine and published your comment! I eventually get to three cups of coffee (and beyond) also!