Monday, November 22, 2010

Caelum (Zo-Be Designs) - New ETT SOTW

Deanna Sims of Caelum (Zo-Be Designs), this week's ETT SOTW, loves paper. Her etsy shop is full of creative cards, scrapbooks, gift tags, memo clips and other gift items. As Deanna puts it "I play with paper, scissors and glue...I love creating and I hope that love is reflected in my items." Deanna confesses to having a paper obsession, "I can’t seem to stop buying more. I love the process of trying a new design out. It’s very gratifying when an idea comes together and actually works."

And for inspiration, she says: "A lot of my items come from my own need for them. I needed a baby shower card and came up with the idea for the clothesline card. I was trying to think of a cute wedding card idea and hit upon the Wedding Cakes idea. The custom baby blocks were made originally as a gift for a friend’s new baby. My scrap paper pile also inspires me! I’m always trying to think of new ways to use all of my scrap paper because my container is truly out of control."

Learn more about Deanna and her work by following her on Twitter and Facebook.

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