Sunday, October 17, 2010

Long, light, eco-friendly, affordable and SOFT!

About a year ago, I started seeing scarves made out of t shirt yarn on etsy. I liked the fact that they were made out of recycled cotton t shirts and that they were soft against the skin, especially the skin at the back of the neck! I found some wonderful suppliers of t shirt yarn and started fooling around with using pieces of it to anchor vintage beads in my necklaces. The only thing it limits me from doing is including several heavy beads in any one necklace....but I don't like "heavy" anyway. I have plenty of fun, colorful vintage plastic beads that are very light in weight and I can also include some of my favorite handmade felted wool beads which are light AND soft.

I now have enough of these necklaces listed in my etsy shop to create a special section for them. Please take a look. They make great gifts and are particularly popular with teenagers, college folk and anyone who likes casual, affordable, eclectic jewelry.

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