Saturday, August 21, 2010

Taking Care of Bizness or Yes I Can!

I follow, like, tweet, retweet, post, share and accept every single person who wants to be my facebook friend.
I order moo minis, business cards, postcards and 100% recycled packaging material.
I network. I seek advice and give support.
I join teams and groups and create my own pages on the I Love Etsy, Do You Etsy?, Cafe Handmade Lounge and Craft Zone sites.
I am a member of Total Art Soul, Mixxmade, Plumdrop, Kaboodle, Tumblr and SoupSee.
I "advertise" on several blogs and Handmade Spark.
I create treasuries and photo mosaics that highlight the work of my fellow craftspeople and artisans.
I view, click and comment on other people's treasuries.

With the roll-out of the new shop format on etsy ( as I like to say, they've added width to the warmth and charmth!) I just rewrote my shop announcement to make sure everything appears above the fold.
I work hard to improve my facebook fan page interactions and reduce my "bounce rate."
I read blog posts that include specific ways to improve my web footprint. I bookmark sites that contain Top 10 lists of ways to improve my business or mistakes to avoid while conducting business.
I analyze my analytics and check my hearts and item views four times a day on Craftopolis.
I am trying to identify my niche. Towards this end, I tag and re-tag, list and re-list.
I shoot, edit, crop, upload, describe, organize and "move to groups" my jewelry photos.
I find a motivational (that is also clever but not too sarcastic) quote to start my daily twittering. I am proud of my 97.2% twitter status and do everything in my power to maintain it.
I respond to convos and ship within 24 hours (unless I'm in vacation mode).
I post to the forums. I do not spam.
I enter contests and hold giveaways and tweetaways.
I run BOGO, BOGO 1/2 off and free shipping sales.

And I will do it all again tomorrow! I am threepeats...hear me ROAR!


  1. You GO, GIRL! After reading this, I need a nap!

  2. Anonymous8/21/2010

    Awesome Post!!

  3. "Chances are you'll go far
    If you get in with the right bunch of fellows"


  4. Yep, I do all of that too, and I still call myself a stay-at-home-mom. It might be time to rethink that one, huh?

  5. And just when I think I have the routine down, there's a new new thing to do. Exactly like being a parent!

  6. Glad to see - I'm not alone - you forgot to list all the time you spend on creating items for your shop!!! Great post!