Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Inspiration ~ NOT Barbara Bush

No offense intended! Barbara Bush is the admired matriarch of an admired political family. She radiates "warmth," "charmth," traditional style and common sense, like June Cleaver and Donna Reed and other 50's moms. Several of the vintage beads I have acquired over the years are "plastic" pearls in various sizes, shapes and colors that came from broken vintage pieces. I decided to create a trademark "pearl" necklace with a quirkier design for the modern mom (or non-mom or teen!). The beads aren't graduated or symmetrical...hey, they don't even match! And that's exactly why I like the way it turned's unpredictable, it's casual and it's fun. I decided to use recycled cotton T shirt yarn (a modern material that fits my overall creative mantra of reduce, reuse, recycle and repeat) to anchor the beads instead of vintage metal chain!

For the rest of July, I am offering FREE SHIPPING on the "Not Barbara Bush's Pearl Necklace" and everything else in my etsy shop!

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