Thursday, August 13, 2009

My Generation!

The summer heat has finally arrived in NYC so our mid-August vacation in upstate NY was perfectly timed. Besides gardening, reading, hiking, grilling and hosting some good friends, we will drive to Yasgur's farm to remember what life was like in the "Summer of '69." There is actually a museum to visit at the site which celebrates the Woodstock Festival and my generation. That's a bit scary for two reasons: In those days, we didn't believe anyone over 30 could even be trusted and now I'm at an age where not only can't I be trusted but they actually have a museum about my youth.

Freedom, peace, hippies, amazing music, marches, Ken Kesey, "go with the flow," sit-ins, demonstrations, tear gas, civil rights, "pigs", women's liberation, Peace Corps, tie-dye, Vietnam, the draft, activisim....I hope they don't shut down the NYS Thruway this weekend!

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