Wednesday, July 8, 2009

L M Creation ~ ETT Shop of the Week

Lisa Murdin is the creative genius behind the rainbow array of wristlets, pouches, purses and more at L M Creation on etsy. Whether they are made from fabric, vinyl, or leather, the store's creations add a splash of whimsy and color to anything you wear.

Lisa's aim is to make "the best quality piece that I can in my own style and with fabrics that really appeal to me. I also aim to provide the best customer service that I can, the same kind of service that I would like to receive as a customer." Inspired by the beautiful variety of fabrics available, Lisa, like many textile artists, often feels that the fabric "tells me what to do, so when I see the right fabric I just know that it will make a special bag or wristlet or whatever."

Lisa ships worldwide and is happy to provide quotes on custom orders.

Special Deal until July 12th : 10% discount offered to Twitter customers. Enter "EtsyTwitter" in the Message to Seller section and 10% of purchase price will be refunded.


  1. Love the fabrics LMCreations the wristlet design is wonderful (so pratical and allows one to shop with both hands! he he)

  2. I never thought of that! ;)