Monday, April 6, 2009

Curious Mess ~ Etsy Twitter Team Shop of the Week

Fellow New Yorker Starla Petersen's etsy shop, Curious Mess, is not...unless curious means unique and mess means eclectic!

“When I first opened my shop, I was only making the wood paintings. But as things have progressed, I've begun to work my love of fabric into it as well, with the newest items being fabric bowls and fabric brooches/pendants. I love fun and whimsical.
Everything you see in my shop, I truly enjoyed making. It makes me so happy to be able to express myself creatively, and I hope that comes through in my artwork. I want my work to make people smile.”

And it does! My favorite items are the fabric bowls like the Black & White one pictured here.


  1. I have so many favorites in her shop...really lovely items!!

  2. thanks so much for the write up!! :)