Sunday, March 15, 2009

Loopiness! My New Spring Line

Since I discovered a supplier of unused vintage plastic hoop beads, my creative juices have been revitalized. I have always been inspired by the materials I use rather than designing something first and then finding what I need to bring the design to life. Often those materials would come from broken or unattractive vintage pieces, but there are some vintage bead dealers that have somehow amassed large amounts (not if I keep buying them!) of unused vintage beads. One such supplier is johnv6 , from whom I have purchased several lots of plastic hoop beads.

They have inspired a series of new necklaces and earrings, which I think of (with undeserved hubris, may I add!) as my SPRING LINE.


  1. I like the middle necklace with the different coloured ribbons on it. I like the different textures and sizes!
    Nice name for your new line!

  2. LOL! I try to keep things simple!