Thursday, February 26, 2009

Spring Trends

I have been perusing fashion magazines, style websites and culture blogs to determine what are the fashion and design trends for Spring 2009. Don't get me wrong...I am not a slave to fashion. As a matter of fact, the most important thing clothes must be for me is comfortable. But as a jewelry maker, I am interested in what women will be wearing and buying this season (which can't get here soon enough for me!).

From my readings, I have culled the following:

colors: black & white, bright colors (yellow, purple, blue and pink), pastels (I know this seems like now we are including every color imaginable to man...but I'm only reporting what others are writing.)

fabrics: sheers, floral, animal and ethnic prints

design: ruffles, 3-D construction (think hard ruffles!)

jewelry: big bib (say that three times fast!) necklaces, over-sized earrings

affordability: self-explanatory although what some of these experts consider affordable is not what I consider affordable

I already incorporate affordability into my jewelry (my definition) and although I am somewhat limited because I use only vintage beads and chains in my designs, I think there are enough trendy color choices to keep me working.

Any other trends you've spotted? (Oh! an animal print...Ha Ha)


  1. Excellent observations! I agree that bright colors such as yellow, blue, fuschia and green are spring forecast colors. I like almost all colors so I feel like you can make almost anything work, don't you?

    I also think that vintage is big now and will continue to be big. It's usually affordable and you know the old saying about how fashion repeats itself. It's really true. Plus, the repurpose, recycle, reuse trend is always good.

    Thank you for a really wonderful post.

  2. Yes, the connection between vintage and affordable is a positive!

  3. You know, I just don't know what to do about those spring colors prediction (I blogged about it, too - . I just can't bring myself to work with those colors just yet.