Sunday, February 22, 2009

Spotlight on ~ Made By Hand By Me ~

Well, it seems as if another website offers you the opportunity to highlight your own small collections of handmade things. Made By Me By Me allows you to choose 9 items (from etsy and some other sellers) to "Spotlight" on their website. Once you set up an account, you can create as many of these spotlights as you want on the spot. You do not have to wait until the dreaded list falls below 333 (like on etsy)! see my last post

It is only the photos of the items that appear, not the titles or prices or artist names, but if you click on the photo you are directed to the selling page for that item. I don't think these Spotlights expire and people can view them, leave comments and even rate them from 1 - 5 stars.

My first spotlight is called Vintage Redux. I tried to find etsy artists who recycle vintage materials into their work, like I do. I had no trouble filling the nine spots with great items by talented artisans! And they have a great logo!

I've been viewing other spotlights and it seems as if some people are using them to show off their own work only. I did sneak one of my necklaces into mine. Apparently, Made By Hand By Me does not discourage this practice (unlike etsy). I hope this a venue that will actually bring together buyers and sellers. It is fairly new and time will tell. The other great thing is, after you create a Spotlight, news about it is automatically Twittered for you. And there are ways to submit it to other social networking sites.

For those of us who love curating our own small online galleries, this website is fun!


  1. So many good things to explore, so little time! But this one is worth a few minutes cause I love making galleries too ~


  2. I nominated your blog for a Lemonade Award. You can read about it in my latest blog post. :)

  3. I'm honored. When I have some time, I'll list some of my favorite blogs and continue the process. When life hands you lemons, make lemonade!