Monday, January 5, 2009


Hey, I know my store name is  unusual but I don't have any trouble using it for URL addresses on blogs etc! It is always available. The name actually comes from the design of most of my necklaces. As a dance teacher, I wanted to wear necklaces that were light,  inexpensive without looking inexpensive  and easy to put on and take off. I wanted them to be colorful and unusual. When long necklaces came back and I started buying some, I found them too heavy, too repetitive and too unwieldy. They would slip around my neck as I wore them showing the clasp. So if I was going to design  my ideal necklace, it would be long, lightweight, slip over the neck and look good no matter which part of the necklace was showing. The design I finally came up with (after a few false starts) was a 36-48" long, three part necklace made of chain sections interspersed with bead sections.  Since I recycle vintage necklaces for the chains and beads, I am "repeating" the old three...repeats or threepeats!

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