Wednesday, July 2, 2014

The Revision Process

Periodically, I go through the collection of necklaces I have made and find one that doesn't feel "quite right." Sometimes I take it apart and start from scratch like an artist who paints over old canvasses. Sometimes, I hold on to the basic idea and change one part, like the chain used or one section of beads. Sometimes I take out some beads or shorten the chain sections and sometimes, I add something.

These lovely plastic beads drilled on the diagonal were popular in the 60s. Because they were strung together without eye pins or jump rings, the overall effect in the original necklaces was created by them overlapping each other. When I found a broken vintage necklace with several of these beads still in good shape I knew I wanted to use them in one of my designs. The first version included simply the beads separated by jump rings hung on a dark brass industrial type chain.
Recently, when I "found" it again, it seemed that part of the beauty of the beads was "lost" because they were still too close together. So I found some small round glass beads to insert in between each of the square beads to contrast their size and shape.
I haven't listed the necklace in my etsy shop or named it yet (any suggestions?). But I am definitely happier with it now. The process is as important (and interesting) as the product.

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