Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Sari Ribbon - My New Favorite Thing?

I think I've told you that large lots of broken and/or tangled vintage necklaces are getting harder and harder to find...at least at reasonable prices. When I first starting making my jewelry, I used vintage pieces that I had owned for years and never wore. Then I started buying large lots of vintage necklaces and salvaging their useful beads and chains for my pieces. I even found a few wonderful etsy sellers of "uncirculated" vintage chain at affordable prices.

And then I discovered "yarn" made from recycled cotton t shirts and could create necklaces that were as soft to wear as they were light and eco-friendly. I have several etsy shops that I buy this yarn from regularly but I'm always looking for new recycled material to use in my jewelry. Today I listed the first necklace in which I used recycled, unfinished, sari silk ribbon. I have been looking at scarves made from vintage saris for months and last week, the silk sari ribbon popped up as one of my "you also might like" items...and I liked...and I bought...and I used. The colors of the ribbon are so intense that I had no trouble finding vintage glass and plastic beads in my collection to match it. TADA! River Daughter Necklace

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