Friday, September 30, 2011

A New Concept - A Set of Matching (Sort of) Necklaces

Box of Crayons Set of Necklaces (3) by threepeats Jewelry NYC $35

I had originally created just one necklace using these beads in my usual design...three chain sections separated by three bead sections. When I picked up the necklace to show it to someone, it came to rest in my hand with two of the beaded sections on top of each other. Hmmm. The woman I was showing it to liked the colors but thought it was a bit "young" for her (Hmmm again), so instead of putting it back on display I decided to take it apart and redesign it so that the colorful beads are all seen at the same time when worn. Hmmm. Three separate necklaces of slightly different lengths, similar (same chain and type of bead) but not matching (I never make necklaces that are perfectly matched) were the result.

They look great (if I do say so myself!) when worn together. They sound great (lots of clicking and clacking) when worn together and as an added bonus, they look great when worn separately too! Hmmm.

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