Sunday, April 17, 2011

Inspiration - Collaboration

I have two lovely "regular" customers to my etsy shop, AR from Florida and KP from Michigan. Each has purchased enough of my jewelry that I consider them "collectors" of threepeats Jewelry. Don't get me wrong...every sale I make from my online shop is a validation of my work but return customers are special. They aren't just satisfied with their purchase. It's not just that I didn't charge too much or ship it too slowly or it will go with one of their favorite outfits. The "regulars" actually understand and appreciate my designs and philosophy. They visit my shop frequently and sometimes ask me to "reserve" or hold new items for them. Because my designs are unique and because they are my "regulars" I have no problem obliging.
Even better, both of them have placed custom orders with me. They specified the colors they wanted included in the necklace and left the rest up to me.
I enjoyed the challenge. They chose color combinations that I would not have chosen and I had to look through my trove of vintage beads for specific ones. That is not the way I usually design. I usually start with one bead and based on its shape or finish (not necessarily the color) I find the others. But working on custom orders makes me feel as if I am truly capturing the personality of the customer, like a portrait painter. There is part of both of us in the finished piece. And they were happy with the results too. So, thank you both for your trust, your vision and your ideas.


  1. So threepeats has repeats?
    Love those "regulars", Tis a joy to be appreciated.

  2. well done Suzanne! customers sure do challenge you to go outside your familiar zone with their amazing concepts. I must say I would not have thought to do half of what I have done without a lovely request! and loving your philosophy is the greatest compliment I think, though sales may just be equal to that!