Sunday, March 13, 2011

What's In a Name? More Than You Think Part II

An Angel's Share of Cognac Necklace
This is the newest necklace I've listed in my etsy shop. I've had this dark brass chain for a while and some of the beads. When I received an order from a seller who carries unused vintage beads from Europe, I knew the light and dark topaz beads and brass chain belonged together in something! It took a while to plan, arrange and execute but what to name it? Each of my designs is unique, so I don't like to reuse names. I envy (not really) the etsy artisans who tweet "Sold and Relisted" or who can use the etsy "relist" option. But a big part of what makes threepeats "threepeats" is the one-of-a-kindness (is that a word?) of my jewelry so I feel I owe it to my customers to come up with one of a kind names.

The large plastic beads in this necklace reminded me of lots of things, all of which I had used in jewelry names before. They also reminded me of liquers (don't ask) especially cognac. OK... cognac...French Cognac? Glass of Cognac? Armagnac? Yeah, that's going to be a common search word on Google. I decided to do a search myself...for "phrases containing the word cognac" and the first one I came across was "angel's share of cognac" which I learned means the amount of cognac that leeches out through the wooden barrels during the aging process. The older the cognac, the larger the angels' portion. Perfect!

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