Friday, March 18, 2011

Take Inspiration Where You Find It!

I really have to look at my stored supplies more often. A few days ago, while searching for something completely different, I came across several feet of vintage brass rollo (don't ask me where the name comes from!) chain I purchased at least a year ago. When I saw it again, I remembered why I purchased it. It's a good weight that can support both light and heavy beads, the links are large enough for the chain itself to be part of the "prettiness" of the necklace and its dark patina goes with every color. I was afraid that if I didn't start using it right away, I would forget about it for another year so I created:
with some light and dark topaz colored plastic beads that came from a broken vintage necklace and then I made:
which mixes the chain with some amazing blue vintage lace and felt beads and then, inspired by those intense colors, I finished up with (and finished the chain):


  1. Suz, those are wonderful. I'm working with some chain also. My latest work is at