Monday, February 7, 2011

What's In A Name? More Than You Think!

Sometimes, the name for one of my jewelry creations comes to me before I even start working on it. Sometimes, the name comes to me while I'm putting the beads together and sometimes the name comes to me only when I go to list the necklace or pair of earrings in my etsy shop. My newest necklace, which I ended up calling Hint of Nostalgia caused several days and one sleepless night of thinking...about colors, inspirations, memories, phrases in common use, song titles, movie titles, places I've been, places I haven't get the idea. To me the name of my pieces should give an idea to customers of my creative process and because each of my pieces is unique, their names should be too. When I've been completely stumped, I've run "naming" contests on this blog and I've been fascinated to learn (duh?) that what other people see in the finished product sometimes has little or nothing to do with my idea or inspiration.

I almost called this necklace Midnight at the Oasis (song), Black Butterscotch (????), Chelsea Evening (place) and Corner Candy Store (memory). Since the black beads reminded me of licorice sticks and the butterscotch colored beads reminded me of bit o' honey candy I thought of all those stops I made on the way home from school to the corner candy store to purchase bonomo's taffy and jaw breakers and red hots and pretzel sticks and egg creams and comic books.

Then I realized those kind of stores don't exist anymore....hence, Hint of Nostalgia.

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