Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Image is Everything!

I always shoot my etsy shop photos on the ledge of the small balcony outside my kitchen window. I like the look of the vintage beads and chain against the urban, industrial background...the antithesis of shabby chic! And the natural light shows off the colors truly. A few months ago, I had several new necklaces to photograph. I plopped the ones I wasn't photographing down on the ledge and after I finished taking the traditional pictures of the first necklace, I noticed that I liked the way the other necklaces looked casually dropped into a heap. You could see the colors and complexity but it looked "unplanned" and "authentic"...which fits the way I want people to view my pretty, unique pieces that don't need a lot of fussing to wear or money to purchase. It seems to be working. The items I list with these new photos as the primary image are getting more views.


  1. Nice product shots. The backgrounds have great texture!

  2. Your jewelry is truly unique. I like all of the different textures and colors. I note in your blog you said that you take the pictures on a ledge outside your apartment...have you ever had anything drop to the ground from the ledge while trying to take your pic? Just a silly random thought...happy weekend!

  3. Thanks. And no, nothing has dropped off or blown away yet! But I think I'm going to be more careful in the future ;)!