Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Why I Love Handmade or It's Not Actually Fall Until Tomorrow

Before I made handmade, I bought handmade. I enjoyed talking with artisans at craft fairs, finding out what inspired them, where they found their materials, how long they worked on a piece etc. If I bought something, it was like taking them home also. If someone compliments something in my home or that I'm wearing that is handmade, it brings back those conversations and I usually find myself responding, "Isn't it great? It was made by this very special woman (man) that I met from Brooklyn (Massachusetts, Australia) who finds these beautiful pieces of wood (metal, fabric) and turns them into this great artwork that I actually use (wear)."

Now that I make handmade, I appreciate it even more. I like creating one-of-a-kind things that will be appreciated by one-of-a-kind people. I like creating things when the mood strikes me. I like having the luxury to re-work a piece that doesn't turn out exactly the way I wanted or to keep the piece that didn't turn out exactly the way I expected. In my previous blog post, I found the color palette for Fall 2010 from the color experts at Pantone. But the fashion world is already "into" the color palette for Spring 2011! Because I make handmade, I don't feel like I'm behind "the curve." Instead I feel I'm on "my game" and there will always be those special people buying necklaces made from beads in "lagoon" and "woodbine" (see previous post) in the same season when they will actually be wearing them! It's all good.


  1. I love handmade! Since I began creating too I have become more passionate about supporting other crafters and artists. The creative community is so wonderful!!!! There is nothing like using or wearing something handmade.

  2. What an excellent post Suzanne! and my thoughts exactly too!
    I don't like to look ahead 3 seasons (!) from now, I want to live in the now, and not the 'then'.
    I think you summed it all up so nicely and I bet many of these seasons ahead people feel this way too.
    Plus I love your pearl earrings in the post above! very elegant, very chic!