Monday, August 9, 2010

Most Favorite Aunt - New ETT SOTW

The new ETT SOTW is Most Favorite Aunt (aka Pamela Ziemlewicz). The shop is full of “knits and flair,” from baby hats, coffee cup cozies and other knitted goods to pinback buttons—all adorable, all handmade, and “all me,” says Pamela. Don't you wish you had an aunt who could make things like these?

Her inspiration? “I'm pretty sassy. Usually I'll make some smart-alec remark and then think, ‘Oooh, that would make a cool...’” Her motivation? “I work a lot. At the end of a long day, I love turning on the boob-tube, and sitting down with some yarn and needles to relax.” She’d like to turn her craft into a full-time endeavor and dreams of quitting her day job…maybe by 2011!
Her upcoming plans? “Fall and Winter are always BIG seasons for me. Lots of people buying warm fuzzies. Lots of cold and yucky days to spend inside creating.” Look for an increased and ever-changing inventory!

This week Most Favorite Aunt is offering FREE (USA) SHIPPING on any Kid Knits in Stock!
Just put ETT SOTW in the "notes to seller" - Easy!

You can also follow Most Favorite Aunt on Twitter.

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