Friday, June 4, 2010

The Power of the Front Page!

I am no longer a front page virgin and I am beginning to understand the power being on the front page of etsy brings! This Treasury East I created on May 28th, called Plastic Explosives, appeared on etsy's front page on June 3rd for an hour? two? I don't know...I didn't actually get a chance to see it, although several sellers whose items I had featured, were kind enough (and grateful enough) to let me know.

When I checked my "stats" this morning, 6 of the 12 (that's 50%) featured items had sold, the treasury had close to 300 views and there were several new visitors to my shop and a few new hearts as well. I love creating's like curating an art exhibit for a design museum or creating a window display for a brick and mortar store. I have made several new "etsy" friends through treasuries, found some sellers whose work I love and received discounts and blog mentions from sellers I featured.

I just wish I could figure out why THIS treasury was different from all the others I've made. Why did THIS one make it to the front page?

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