Friday, March 5, 2010

Thing A Day ~ Day 2

I've been wanting to create a new shop banner for ages. The "Thing A Day" challenge inspired me to start working on it today. I can't seem to download a workable version of the Gimp software (recommended by etsy) so I've been learning, frustrated by and finally screaming at Adobe Photoshop Elements. This banner will have to suffice for now....still have to work on image and font choice etc. This may end up being my Thing A Day for the rest of the month!

1 comment:

  1. i have used Photoshop for some time but never elements and then my computer crashed a few weeks ago. i cannot for the life of me find my photoshop disc to reload it so i downloaded gimp and now i scream at it daily:) i wish i remembered exactly where i downloaded it from because it works fine it's just the user i think that has a problem. was there a tutorial on etsy on how to use gimp for banners because i was wanting to create a new banner too but can't figure out how. have a great weekend.