Monday, March 29, 2010

Pretty Cheap ~ ETT SOTW

This weeks Etsy Twitter Team shop of the week is Pretty Cheap (cheap meaning affordable!), run by owner and creator Nina Danza. Nina describes herself as follows "I am the Frugal Artisan making many different kinds of beautiful bargains! Look in my shop for classic timeless jewelry designs in precious metal, natural stone, and pearls as well as richly colored original photo cards, pressed flower stationary, and embroidery and needlework cards."

While browsing through her etsy shop Nina asks that you remember, "Everything at Pretty Cheap is made with quality and sold at inexpensive prices. Once you get past the name, my customers can't believe what a great value they get in their purchases. I am such a die hard saver it was easy to start seeking out other thrifty folks. How convenient to have a recession come along and make frugality a trend!"

Nina is offering our readers the following special this week:
A FREE Recycled Guitar String Bracelet with every order
(while supplies last)
Learn more about Nina and her work by following her on Twitter or Facebook.

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