Saturday, January 2, 2010

What Goes Around Comes Around and Goes Around Again!

Just two posts ago I mentioned how my mother's old saying, "What goes around, comes around," seems to be true for me lately. Just as I snagged an etsy treasury I was included in someone else's. Today, something even better happened. I created a new treasury called Yes, White AFTER Labor Day. (I am particularly proud of this one if I do say so myself.) I found lots of new etsyites (to me and/or to etsy) whose work is amazing. I notified each person who was included about the treasury asking for their views, clicks and comments. I have never (here my mother would remind me to never say never) had a treasury make it to the front page.

In addition to views and clicks and grateful and clever comments, one of the sellers, Lucy of lucy snowe photography, (that's her photo called Winter Cottonwood in the treasury) purchased a pair of earrings from me. When I convoed her to say thank you, here is what she responded:

Hi Suzanne!

Well....I like to buy a little something when ever I can to keep the $$ circulating!!! And, I thought it would be good luck for New Years! And, you created the most treasury I have been included in so thanks! and good luck to all of our shops! Maybe we will get on the front page! those earrings!


I realized immediately this was a woman after my own heart because she believes in my mother's saying too and because she uses three dots (...) when she writes! So, Lucy, I'm writing this to keep the going around going!


  1. treasuries are great.

    with gift guides going away, we need more of them

  2. this was a great treasury. another resolution i made was to use some of the jewelry findings i've been collecting since high school. not sure if i'll get very far on that one...but i'm sure going to try:) my mom would always say "what goes around comes around" too. i thought it was just to encourage me to be nice but as you have found first hand...they were right. Happy New Year!