Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Tout Ensemble!

threepeats Peony Blossom Necklace $15.00

Remember your 7th grade French teacher having you all read something in French together? She (in my case it was Miss Stein) would say "Tout ensemble, tout ensemble." All together! She would have to say it a lot because some people in the class (in my case, Peter and Richie) would never read along. So, in honor of the very fashionable Ms. (as she would now be called) Stein, my new Wednesday feature is called Tout Ensemble. Each week I will find great items that one of my great items can be worn shopping for pieces that actually go together...which I never do in the real world. This week, I tried to find things to go with my Peony Blossom necklace.


  1. Suzanne - this is Wonderful!! what a super idea! and ofcourse, you always choose lovely items ~ hope to see more tout ensembles...

  2. They look lovely together!
    And this is such a great idea for some inspiring posting :)


  3. While I never took French, I love the idea. And how fun to put fabulous items together and never have to pay for them or find place for them!