Monday, June 8, 2009

NDN Chick ~ ETT Shop of the Week

Leanna Pierre, of NDN Chick on etsy, has been beading her whole life! She’s a member of the Colville Tribe in Cusick, Washington.

“I bead pretty much what ever I can get my hands on. I have made everything from hair barrettes to a beaded whistle. When I need to give my wrist and fingers a break from all the bead weaving and tacking I also make greeting cards. When I make an item it's not just an item to me. A piece of myself goes into it while I am creating it. If I am feeling sad or mad I don't create anything, I don't want those feelings transferred to the new owner. Each item I create is special to me and sometimes it's hard for me to let it go.”

Follow Leanna on Twitter and read more about her and her work on her blog.

Special Offer (June 8 - 14): Leanna is offering free shipping on all orders (including international). The shipping prices have already been changed so customers will not need to wait for a refund or corrected invoice!

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  1. Thank you for blogging about me and my shop! :)