Monday, May 18, 2009

ETT Shop of the Week ~ tamdoll (SILVER Mountain Originals)

Tammy Gross, of (also known as SILVER Mountain Originals), creates “an eclectic mix of unique fabric jewelry, purses, totes and wallets – from repurposed fabrics.” She also has a few woven ribbons for sale that are quite unique.

What inspires her to create?
“So many things inspire me to create - a color, a scrap of fabric, a funny story even - there isn’t anything that doesn’t inspire me, my brain never rests, and I can’t predict what I’ll come up with next. Seriously, sometimes it’s almost a disadvantage. I have scribbled ideas EVERYWHERE. My purse is filled with ideas written on scraps of paper along with the notepad that I always carry. My desk has piles of half-filled notebooks. Even when my mind is winding down, right before I fall asleep... I’ll see a color combination or shape in my mind and remember it for the next day. The problem begins when I start all these projects. I start so many, get inspired again and begin another before the first is finished. The excitement of something new keeps me going and going. And keeps my workroom a mess."

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  1. Oh, thank you for writing about me!! I do appreciate it.