Friday, April 10, 2009

The Artistic Process

When I was a kid learning how to write, teachers' comments at the top of my papers invariably included some version of the following: watch run-on sentences, keep it short and simple, clarity, clarity, clarity etc. I was a good student and I learned these lessons. After I finish this post I will probably go back and delete words, phrases and entire paragraphs. After all, my object is to hold your attention!

I find it amusing that in my work as a dance teacher, the hardest thing for me to do is edit my choreography or that of my students....especially if edit means cutting steps, combinations or sequences that we like. But I do it and hopefully model for my students that art can get better if you revise (RE vision) your ideas along the way.

And now, my inability to "leave well enough alone" has extended to my jewelry making. The necklace I now call Soft for Spring (it has had several other names) has not sold. It gets views and comments but it is still there in my closet. So today, I shortened it, rearranged some of the vintage beads and added pieces of vintage ribbon and lace. I know that this doesn't qualify as keeping it simple, but it is revision. If it doesn't sell soon, who knows what I will add next?

By the way, there are at least 60 words that have been edited from this post...and you will never get to see them!

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