Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Sales Tips that Actually Lead to Real Sales on Etsy!

I asked my etsy twitter teammates for specific, concrete, successful (led to sales) tips they had for other etsy sellers. Here's what they shared:

Katy @ South Paw Studios encloses $5 gift certificates (with a 1 month expiration date) with her customers' items for them to use towards their next purchase at her shop

Nina @ Pretty Cheap Jewelry posts interactive games like "Which Item Doesn't Belong?" and offers those who get the right answer gift certificates to her shop.
Vickie @ in my head studios went to and looked for people trying to find gifts for someone. She found a likely "customer" and enjoyed making the person's relative a custom made piece of jewelry.  

April @ Fresh Paper said a new customer credited her shop's interesting item titles and descriptions and attractive photos with inspiring the purchase

Beth @ uberArt suggests that shop owners should "always respond to convos" so as not to let potential customers fall through the cracks. It is a good way of establishing rapport with people in the less personal online world.

Try these suggestions and let me know how they work! Or send me some tried and true techniques you use in your online shops.


  1. Anonymous3/19/2009

    Awesome tips. Thanks!

  2. Many thanks for these tips! What a fabulous list you have made here. I do offer a discount on future purchases and enclose a free gift to my buyers. Maybe my discount should be in the form of a coupon, Thanks!

    Smiles, cyndi/frstyfrolk

  3. these are great tips. i just started using the gift certificate approach so i'll see if that helps.

  4. The coupon idea is great!

  5. Great tips indeed!
    I think I'll try an approach using the gift certificates idea... it sounds good :)

  6. Great tips.
    Thanks for sharing.