Monday, March 9, 2009

Emmakat ~ Etsy Twitter Team Shop of the Week

Here is what Emma K. Nolan of Emmakat jewelry & accessories has written in her etsy shop profile:

"Handmade Crafts have been a passion of mine since I was a kid. I like to learn as much as I can about many crafts because I am very excited by the creative process. I have a particular interest in two mediums - Paper goods and Jewelry.

Beaded jewelry making is a hobby I shared with my mother as a kid and has outlasted my interest in other crafts because of the ease with which I can quickly explore ideas. My focus is to create unique pieces that are, hopefully, not quite like what you would see anywhere else. I spend a lot of time developing ideas, often sketching them out. But sometimes ideas come in the process of creation as well.

Similarly I find an ease in working with paper because of my training as an architect. I'm exploring working with both gocco printing to develop a graphic design style and with construction of 3-dimensional objects for use in the home. I strive to minimize waste and try to plan my projects accordingly. Additionally, I use paper with recycled content and consider environmental issues when it is possible to do so.

I think you will see the influence of my education in architecture in most of my items, I'm drawn to simple and bold patterns and forms.

Other hobbies that I'm still developing and hope to one day be able to share include: knitting, sewing and developing my jewelry making into metal work including copper enameling."

Emmakat is the featured Etsy Twitter Team shop of the week.

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