Friday, February 6, 2009

Breaking News - Isn't It Always?

I watch cable news a lot. CNN is often on in my house and acts as a backdrop to everything else that goes on. I remember years ago, when I saw the words Breaking News scroll across the TV screen, it was something really important and demanded my attention. Now everything is breaking news. It's even breaking news when they run exactly the same story over and over again. Oh well. I still watch each time, afraid I will miss something truly important to my family, my city, my country or my planet. So, when I got an opportunity to do a treasury on etsy I decided to see what breaking means to artists and craftspeople. Interestingly, the word usually had something to do with the piece's title and occasionally with the medium used (who knew that ceramic glazes break?)

We take coffee breaks, lunch breaks and Spring breaks. Waves break, glass breaks and of course hearts break. And there is always news breaking somewhere!

Sorry this treasury is no longer available to view!

The fabulous print called Possum Lunch Break is from the talented etsy artist poordogfarm

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